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战争的残酷毋庸置疑,不止会带来各种死亡,还有各种孤儿寡母,之前我们也分享过一些关于战争的公益广告,比如:《颠倒的世界》、 《让平民远离战争伤害》等等。但这些感人的公益广告主要体现了战争给孩子带来的伤害,并没有将重点聚焦在另外一部分人身上,那就是士兵的母亲们。今天会为大家推荐一支动人公益广告:You are my son

她们是游击队员的母亲,她们希望儿子可以再次回到身边,她们中的有些人已经20年没有和自己的孩子见过面了(Many mothers of guerrillas have not seen their children for over 20 years. This Christmas they asked them to come back home. With a simple message only a mother can give.)。但她们只能向上帝祈祷I constantly asked God to give me strength and i begged him for my son to be able to get out of there. Because its hard, you never know if you are going to see your children again or not.(我不断的向上帝祈祷可以给我力量,乞求他让我的儿子可以从战争中抽身。但这很难实现,你甚至都不知道你是否还能与自己的孩子见面。)

Before being a guerrilla, you are my son. Come home this Christmas.你是我的儿子,在成为游击队员之前。这个圣诞节回家吧!

(They provided the pictures of their children before they joined the guerrilla. Pictures where only they can recognize themselves. These photos were taken to the areas where the fighting is still going on.)

Some mothers starred in a TVC and with their words a song was written.

I want you next to me 我想要你陪在我身边

I want more than a picture next to me 我想要不仅仅是一张照片

I long to hug you 我想要久久的拥抱

To have you back 你能回来

(These mothers want these children, their children to demobilize and to come home this Christmas once and for all. For good.)

196 mothers welcomed their children home.196位母亲等待着她们孩子的归来(或许,这里该译为“有196位在圣诞节迎回了自己的孩子”)

Everything is possible at Christmas.圣诞节万事皆有可能

这是一支来自MinDefensa的公益广告:You are my son你是我儿子.